We are an accredited center of EDhat International and conduct internationally recognized UK based Computer Programs named ‘e-Kids and Teens’

 programme is designed to build a foundation of IT knowledge base, among children of age 5 to age 15, which will enable them to proceed on the pathway to enter in to the degree level programme in information and communication technology. This course has been designed and organized considering the gradual development of a child and help them to gain valuable IT knowledge and practical skills.


Benefits of e-Kids & Teens programme to the child

  • Help students gain valuable technology skills while reinforcing core curriculum concepts.
  • They will learn to use technology applications as problem solving tools for classroom projects.
  • After completing Level 9, students can enroll to complete their bachelors degree in 3 years time.

During the course, kids and teens are motivated and coached to focus on core curriculum concepts, which helps them to gain valuable IT knowledge and practical skills.

e -Kids & Teens - Vision

“To assist students to use ICT as a tool in the learning process and to acquire knowledge so that they can be empowered to take the leadership in the information age”

e -Kids & Teens - Mission

“Providing internationally accepted curricula, state of the art ICT laboratories, and qualified and trained teaching facilities to establish ICT education centres to extend services to students which will enable them to proceed on the pathway to university degrees while following the formal academic process”

Significant features of the curriculum

  • Covers all technology areas in ICT.
  • Incorporates with the following core subjects:
    • Mathematics
    • Language and Communication
    • Science and Technology
    • Social Studies
  • Age appropriate approach.
  • Circular Model - Can start any time and finish any time.
  • Theme base projects and activities.
  • Student centered teaching / learning process.
  • Enthusiastic approach with fun.
  • 5T Concept i.e . Computer as a Tool, Topic, Tutor, Tutee, Thought provoker.

Academic Progression

EdHat main website link:

Unique features of our Kids Programs

  • Students are divided into groups based on their existing Knowledge
  • Only a small number of students (5 to 7 students) are put in to a group
  • Well structures syllabuses / content of training programs
  • A Student can progress through ‘Introductory Level’ to ‘Level 10’ of Sedex Education programs.
  • Well-structured books and tutorials are issued to the students.
  • Each child is given personal attention during the classes
  • Use of modern technologies and techniques during the English training sessions
  • 100% practical sessions during Spoken English and Public Speaking classes.

Class Dates and Times

All the children programs are conducted during;

  • Weekdays - 2.30 pm to 06.00 pm
  • Weekends – 08.30 am to 04.30 pm

We will offer a range of class dates and time options to parents based on the knowledge of their child. Then the parents can select one of the options depending on their personal preferences.