Microsoft Office Package 2016 Plus

This program is design to help any individual who wish to improve their basic computing / IT knowledge to carry out daily operations and especially to perform day to day office tasks such as Creation and Design of documents (letters, memos, notices), Handling accounts, creation of presentations, handling company data storage, desktop publishing, using electronic mail systems and surfing Internet.

This all-in-one training course provides comprehensive instruction on four popular MS Office programs:


Furthermore this program covers following contents

  • Fundamentals of IT
  • Practical use of Windows 7/ 8 operating systems
  • Maintaining hardware of the computer
  • Securing your personal computer against any viruses
  • Use of web browsers, search engines, email, social media etc.

Course Duration

  • Part Time : 02 months

Target Group

  • Any individual with no or little computer knowledge.

Course Fee

  • LKR 10,000/= Installments : 5,000 + 5,000