Information Technology / Computer Studies

All our computer courses are designed in such way which will allow students to use their own computer and gain 100% practical knowledge in operating a personal computer. And along with the practical knowledge they will be taught the computer studies theories in order to improve their IT competencies.

Unique Features of our Children’s Programs

  • Children are divided into groups based on their current practical knowledge
  • Only a small number of students (5 to 7 students) are put in to a group
  • Each child will receive the chance to use his or her own computer during the class time
  • Well structures syllabuses / content of training programs
  • A Student can progress through ‘Introductory Level’ to ‘Level 10’ of Sedex Education computer programs
  • Use of modern Software / Hardware technologies and techniques.

Class Times and Dates

All the children programs are conducted during;

Weekdays - 2.30 pm to 06.00 pm
Weekends – 08.30 am to 04.30 pm

We will offer a range of class dates and time options to parents based on the knowledge of their child. Then the parents can select one of the options depending on their personal preferences.


How to register your child?

  • For any of our Children’s program, first any child must face our placement test. Normally a placement test will include a Written Paper and an Oral Test with one of our lectures.


  • Parents can call us at any time and allocate a time for Placement test. And after facing the test the child will be accessed and grouped according to our course levels.
  • Then parents can fill a ‘Student Registration Form’ and make necessary student registration fee to our reception counter.


    • After the child will be given a Student Registration Number along with a Student Card, which will be used at all the times as an entree pass for his / her class.

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