Broadly speaking, the word “Elocution” refers to one’s manner of speaking or oral delivery. Elocution is particularly used in reference to an orator’s manner of speech when speaking or reading aloud in public. Elocution can also refer to the study of proper public speaking, with particular attention paid to pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone.

Our Elocution courses are streamed lined in several ways to help students to learn proper speaking, reading and pronunciation techniques. We conduct elocution classes for;

  • Spoken English
  • Speech and Effective Speaking
  • Written English


The syllabuses in Speech subjects, Spoken English and Written work offer the best of the traditional and contemporary thinking on the value of the Spoken and Written word in modern life and the best ways to examine the work presented.

These syllabuses compiled by qualified and experienced examiners are in keeping with internationally accepted standards.


Unique features of Sedex Elocution programs.

  • All the examinations are conducted by Institute of Western Music & Speech (IWMS).
  • Classes are conducted by qualified experienced elocution teachers.
  • Students are divided in to small groups normally 5 to 7 members.
  • Each child is given personal attention during the classes
  • Classes are conducted during weekdays (after school) and weekends.
  • Well-structured books and tutorials are issued to the students.



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